Authorized by Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Administration, Hangzhou Haicheng Translation Service Co., Ltd. is an incorporated company offering high-level translation and interpretation of over 20 languages like English, Japanese, Germany, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, etc. to government organs, enterprises, institutions, mass organizations and individuals. Owning systemized, professional and experienced translation talents and a vase translation network, the company is able to translate large amount of professional materials accurately in shortest time. Besides, the company also employs experts and consultants from various fields to control translation quality, trying its best to meet customers’ demand. A systemized complete translation service procedure along with corresponding quality management system in the company also guarantee the proficiency, efficiency and accuracy of our translation service.
The company possesses translation industry seal, which is accepted at every embassy in China, and other government organs like financial organizations, immigration administrative offices, notary offices, judicial offices, and industrial and commercial administration, etc.
We promise to be honest, timely, accurate and confidential to every client, and we try our uttermost to offer high quality service to our customers.
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